Welcome to K-12 Mobile Technology that is Simplified, Managed, and Secure.

Wireless Campus Manager™ builds everything you need to launch and manage K-12 Mobile Technology into ONE contract. We know from our experience creating best-in-class mobile solutions, that launching your program is just the beginning. We’re with you throughout the continuing cycle of management.

Some technology solution providers launch and leave. Wireless Campus Manager™ stays.

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Teacher and Child Mobile learning with a tablet

Lifecycle Management

Wireless Campus Manager™ keeps you in control and on budget with complete lifecycle management that addresses break/fix, re-staging of devices each semester, and reissuing of devices as students enter and exit your schools. We even help you negotiate and procure your devices and wireless plans to meet your schools’ objectives. It’s all part of the Power of ONE. ONE Contract. ONE point of contact. ONE turnkey solution. 


Just getting your arms around launching the technology that manages mobile learning in your school?  Click HERE to download our 4 page brochure with a detailed checklist of solutions that address CTO/Administration/Parent Concerns.

Policies and Procedures

The success of any mLearning program starts with the right foundation. We help you build your mobile technology program from the ground up.

  • Develop your overall strategy for mLearning
  • Automated eProcurement process
  • Software selection
  • eEnabled documents:
  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Computer Protection Plan
  • Student Pledge Form
  • Define budget and funding mechanisms
  • Warranty and break/fix program
  • Escalation procedures
  • “Getting Started” tutorial and training on device and software






Wireless Campus Manager™ automates the workflow process for procurement – everything you need to manage device and software requests, approvals, and fulfillment.

Customized e-Procurement:

    • 1-stop multi-carrier procurement/management
    • Automate purchase order process
    • Order devices, rate plans, solutions and accessories
    • Hierarchical access and unique user views
    • Process upgrades, swaps & replacements
    • Make Moves/Adds/Changes/Disconnect (MACDs) quickly
    • Track assets/inventory
    • Customized reporting
    • Dedicated support



Source Consolidation

We work with best-in-class partners and preferred purchasing networks to bring you a complete e-learning technology solution. Whether it is BYOD, we buy, you buy, or a hybrid, we can help. Our program works with all device vendors and wireless carriers.

The Wireless Campus Manager™ Sourcing Checklist

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Application Providers
  • Wireless Carrier
  • Management Tools
  • Devices
  • Customer Support

All this with ONE contact for multi-vendor support.


MDM/Filter/LMS: Working Together to Manage and Protect


Wireless Campus Manager™ includes best-in-class Mobile Device Management (MDM) to deploy, secure, monitor, and manage AndroidTM, Apple® iOS, Mac® OS X, BlackBerry®, SymbianTM, Windows Mobile® and Windows® Phone devices deployed throughout the enterprise.

  • Mobile Security
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile Application Management
  • Mobile Email Management
  • Mobile Content Management


Safe searching on the Internet is of prime concern to both parents and schools. The CIPA compliant filter used by Wireless Campus Manager™ prevents access to inappropriate websites and content.

  • Customizable with a flexible policy profile capability to allow and block lists
  • Balances educator and IT needs
  • Able to limit and prioritize web traffic
  • Integrates with safe social learning platform, My Big Campus, through the collaborative Filter


Learning Management Software (LMS) is an integral part of our mobile learning technology solution. It provides a platform for collaborative learning between teachers and students and for students to communicate with each other. This tool allows students to ask questions and post information in a setting that is familiar to a student population that is increasingly savvy about mobile devices. The LMS software includes:

  • An Educational Resource Library to access, share, and incorporate videos, web sites, documents, and more
  • A collaboration site for participatory learning and group communication
  • Blogging, closed messaging, discussions, online assignments, and groups
  • Bundles to organize, share, and find content and lessons (with standards alignment)
  • Comprehensive policies and reporting

Staging Logistics


Manage Mobility is an expert at staging services with a wide breadth of experience with the most discriminating clients. Your devices will be staged, loaded, and managed with accuracy and security.

  • Receive device and audit against order
  • Install additional hardware/memory
  • Install 3rd party software and applications
  • Image devices based on individual policy
  • Customize to school, student, grade
  • Load PRL, firmware and OS
  • Load Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • CIPA compliance
  • Asset Tagging
  • Device and data testing
  • Customized inserts (instruction sheets, device guidelines, etc.)
  • Prepare and ship with confirmation receipt

Asset Management

We know that successfully managing a mobile program requires knowing at all times who has what device and what’s on it. Wireless Campus Manager™ provides administrators instant reports with a few clicks.

    • Hierarchical view of assets based on District, schools and grade levels
    • Customized asset detail
    • Manage software licenses tied to devices
    • Ensure accurate billing per school based on asset
    • Track Break/fix, damage and theft reports
    • Manage warranty information


Wireless Usage Controls

Wireless usage overages can quickly crash mobile learning programs. With Wireless Campus Manager™ there are no surprise overages because we let students know when they are approaching usage limits and shut off wireless if the limit has been reached. We also provide a procurement approval tool that expedites purchasing and prevents reporting so that you can stay on budget.

  • Internet usage monitoring & alerts
  • Configurable alerts based on percentage of usage
  • Suspend data plan mid-cycle to avoid overages
  • Optimize plans for teachers and students
  • Gives IT full control of data usage and spend
  • Usage reports for USAC/ E-rate compliance
  • International usage alerts – network cross over
  • Identify trends and historical usage


Custom Portal Views

The Wireless Campus Manager™ Hub provides a single point-of-access portal and enforces mobile policy through sign-in credentials. It is a cloud based solution and secure site (SSL) that is CIPA Compliant, ensuring safe access to approved sites on the Internet. Your portal is customizable by District, School, and grade level. Individual school log-on is an available feature. The Wireless Campus Manager™ bundle also includes LMS software that greatly enhances the ability of teachers to communicate with students and students to collaborate with each other on homework and projects.


Connection Manager

Manage Mobility’s carrier agnostic Connection Manager offers single user-friendly interface to all eligible cellular and Wi-Fi networks, Switches connections between Wi-Fi to 3G based on policy, enforces connection to School Filter, provides reports on connection time for funding & budget management and monitors devices for software removal. Policies are able to be configured, updated and pushed OTA.

Solution In detail:

  • Wireless carrier agnosticConnectionManagerTablet_August2013
  • Users are prompted to register devices to access school network and will be required to enter  schools supplied User ID and password.
  • The Connection Manager is able to switch connections between 3G/4G and Wi-Fi networks using  defined policies.
  • The following policies are provided as a standard offering:
    • Preferred networks
    • Device location
    • Time-of Day
    • Minimum Cellular Usage with a specified timeframe
  • The Connection Manager Client will:
    • Connect automatically to preferred networks after registration using ANDSF methods
    • Display connection status and options to end users for school owned devices
  • Connections to the DM servier will be authenticated using LDAP Security Credentials assigned to the  end user
  • Connection activity will be logged in the system for reporting purposes
  • Once connected, the Connection Manager will connect directly to a content filtering provider
    • On-campus & off, wi-fi & 3G
  • SMSI Device and Connection Manager will monitor devices to ensure our client is installed
  • The IT administrator will be able to lock the device based on policy violations or on a case by  case basis
  • The system supports multiple user groups each with unique policies
  • Polices are able to be configured, updated, and pushed OTA to user groups and on a case by  case basis
  • Provide celluar usage data to server for reporting purposes
  • Automatically connect to school VPN